Everyst Stories

The Internship Program at Everyst Stories, 2019

Everyst is a social fiction app for you to read manga on the go.


During the four-month internship program at Everyst (by 96 Problems), I worked with the marketing team and content creator to design engaging graphics contents for digital marketing in the entertainment industry. Since Everyst is a startup only launched back in February 2017, I had a chance to experiment with a new form of comics, to do research on how to create the reading flow with characters' interactions and to understand the anime and manga market in the world.

"Everyst brings together a new kind of real-time story that fits long-form fiction into the short moments that you have to yourself throughout the day"


An introduction to Everyst storytelling platform, milestones, followed by highlights of the characters' statistics.

The Convenience Store

The story was launched from April 2018, until now "The Convenience Store" has been the longest comic in the Eveyst library, with the most engagement for Eddie (@eddieededed)    on Twitter platform.

I worked on the comics on the Webtoon platform, which was released from February 2019 under the name "Monday at the Convenience Store".


Read the story here:  



Historia Magnam

A recently rising star in the Everyst family. The main character Kohaku (@hmagkohaku) tweets about her journeys in the online game Historia Magnam. Kohaku is the first character to be launched on the Instagram platform.

My tasks were to create a video for Instagram Stories Ad and design the characters' dialog posts on Instagram from different expressions.

​Read her story here:



Cager Clash

A manga stars Gabe Norwood tells the story of the star basketball player trapped in a fantastical realm of supernatural creatures and basketball.

I worked on the logo and design for social media posts.

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