Nguyen Le Hong Anh (Salty) is a digital designer/ illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, she is an undergraduate student learning Digital Design at the Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University. She is intrigued by how to use the design language effectively to come up with profound, thoughtful and intuitive solutions. Her focus topics are art, culture, and communication.

Since childhood, she has indulged in being an artist and advancing her sense of creativity in the rich culture and tradition of Hanoi, Vietnam. Having started working as a freelance graphic designer in high school, she has immersed herself in experimenting with different image-making techniques and creating visually engaging imagery. Her works range from art, education, academic event to culture. She has four years of experience in art, illustration, visual communication design, and digital marketing. Aside from work and study, she enjoys going around town to take photographs, sketch subjects, and study about different cultures, including subcultures.

nguyen le hong anh

or Salty
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